Professional Business Writing Training

Professional Business Writing Training


Professional Business Writing Training

One type of communication that is used almost everyday in the corporate world is business writing: from emails, memos, new policies and instructions to huge client presentations, research and development, and marketing campaigns. Even profit-making and nonprofit organizations in the field of aeronautics, according to a survey by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), are into communication the whole time. It says respondents use:

  • more than one third of their work time conveying information to others
  • another one third working with technical information sent to them by other


  • Be Concise Clarity–
  • Correct writing is essential – it goes without saying that your writing will not be effective if it is peppered with grammatical or factual errors.
  • Know your audience
  • Know your message
  • Think like a reporter
  • Banish buzzwords and clichés
  • Ensure your writing is complete
  • Make sure your writing is coherent. Ensure that there is a logical flow from each sentence and paragraph to the next. This will guide your reader and help them understand your thought processes.
  • Be consistent
  • Checking and double checking your writing is important


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Clearly this is an essential business skill. For more information on this course,  click on the following link: Effective Business Writing or contact Hayley (011 882-8853)

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