Project Management Training Course

Project Management Training Course

Project Management Training Course

Project management is critical to the success of every organization. Industry research indicates that 74% of all projects hit roadblocks, are over budget or are late. And 28% of these projects fail altogether. This is a very serious problem as it often results in wasted resources and negative company performance. Companies thus need to respond to this challenge by honing and improving managerial skills.

A Project Management Training Course is key to achieve this

Project managers face constant pressure to cut costs, implement projects quickly, and deliver high quality. Without thoughtful planning, execution and monitoring of efforts, organizations will lose business to those that effectively manage their projects.

Project Management Training.

Managing ANY project, from marketing launches to IT roll outs is an essential part of many peoples responsibilities. To give yourself the best chance of success in completing the project on time, it is best to apply some proven Project Management Techniques.

This program has been designed specifically for the new or non-professional Project Manager and covers the practical application of basic concepts of effective Project Management to a wide range of Projects. This is the best way to ensure that nothing is forgotten of missed, and any problems with the project are highlighted in time to be solved.

Key areas of project management understanding include:

  • Launching Projects
  • Estimating Project Work
  • Creating a Project Schedule
  • Planning Project Costs
  • Planning for Risks
  • Planning for Quality and Compliance
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Managing Project Procurements
  • Managing Change During Project Execution
  • Monitoring and Controlling Project Schedule and Cost
  • Monitoring Risk and Quality
  • Communicating and Reporting
  • Closing the Project


Clearly this is an essential business skill. For more information on this course,  click on the following link: Project Management Course or contact Hayley (011 882-8853). Courses are held in Johannesburg

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